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RAM Properties, LLC. provides Maryland property owners with maximum profit and peace of mind by way of our exceptional service, communication skills and attention to every detail. 

property managementWe handle every phase of property management, including:

Currently, RAM Properties owns and manages a multitude of single-family homes and multi-unit properties.  Working exclusively in and around Carroll County Maryland allows RAM Properties the opportunity to provide excellent management services at prices below the competition.

Having a local Contractor on call affords RAM Properties the ability to respond quickly and effectively to any emergency.  We have a strong, working relationship with the Carroll County Bureau of Housing since 2002.  As a member of the Carroll County Landlords Association, RAM Properties is constantly in touch with relevant issues and concerns of the Rental Community.

RAM Properties is successful because we manage every property as though it were our own.  The founding member, Rick Harig, has been purchasing and managing property in and around Carroll County, Maryland since 2002.  He formed Ram Properties, LLC in 2007 as a result of his expanding portfolio.

property managementpropoerty management

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